Specialist Property & Estate Insurance Policies

Brevent Insurance has been arranging and offering specialist policies for the Apartment block, Flat, Landlord, Maisonette, Estate, Leaseholder, Right to Manage (RTM), Resident Management Companies, Property Owners and the Residential Emergency Assistance sectors from Leading Insurance Companies and Underwriters since 2006.
Tel: 01268 858083 

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Apartment Blocks, Flats, Maisonette & Estate Insurance

Comprehensive insurance policies, competitively priced that meet the needs of Landlords, Leaseholders, Tenants, Mortgage Companies, RTM and Management Companies and Managing Agents. 

Resident Director & Officer Insurance

Low cost financial protection for the Directors of Resident Management Companies. Critical cover in this day and age of the claims culture.

Lift, Escalator, Pump, Engineering & Inspection Insurance

Engineering Inspection Insurance that provides independent verification of compliance with Lift inspection standards and pumps that are critical for the safe habitation of apartment blocks and estates.

24/7 Home Emergency Assistance

With no call out fees and no excesses for Central Heating, Plumbing, Sewerage & Electrical emergencies and breakdowns within domestic homes and apartments.